Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Skin Shop Whitening Sun Cream

Iris Power Whitening Sun Cream is my HG sunscreen and I will tell you why below

Name: The Skĭn Shop Iris Power 아이리스 파워 Whitening Sun Cream 화이트닝 썬크림 SPF45 PA+++
Price: ₩ 25,000 for 65 g
Made in: Korea

I can skip the primer step when I use this sunscreen. It does not conceal moon crater pores, fine lines or even correct my skin tone, however, it will leave a nice smooth canvas for my foundation.

The formula is a cream consistency typical of many sunscreens. The difference is it sinks quickly into the skin and does not leave a white cast behind (not sure how it will fare with flash photography though). It is virtually weightless once absorbed and has a dewy finish that will flatter any skin type.

It has the sunscreen scent that we are all familiar with, except that it also is infused with a flowery powdery fragrance, so it is more bearable. I am not particularly offended by the scent as it fades shortly after application.

If you have oily skin, you will love this sunscreen. It is so good at minimising sebum production without drying out my skin - I don't even reach for my blotting films throughout the day. It might exacerbate dry spots for those with dry skin, so you would want to go for an alternate sunscreen.

Lastly, it promises to whiten your skin with niacinamide, an important ingredient for those struggling with uneven skin tone and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. I have been using whitening skincare products that I purchased with it and this combination helped me in achieving a brighter, more radiant skin after a month and a half's usage.

That being said, I doubt that it will whiten on its own - you need to use whitening skincare products in conjunction with it to see results.

I know its November, thus the fall season in many countries and many may forgo applying sunscreen. I hope that each and everyone of you will change this habit - UV rays are present every day, all year round.

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Blovetbeauty said...

sounds really good blair.. i've noticed sun spots popping up on my cheeks lately :(

Ashley said...

Sounds amazing but I won't purchase this just yet! I have too many sunscreens to finish up ><

Anthea Villanueva said...

That sound's promising! I'm always on the lookout for a good sunscreen, and I can skip every other beauty step except sunscreen application. The SPF and PA factor is amazing. Brightening properties are always a bonus.

Jamillacamel said...

I must check this out - sounds fab!

saccharine0158 said...

it looks good! i want to try this too! LOL! blair you are bad influence and my piggie bank says you make him very thin. LOL!

Nani said...

Damn.. -__-" it looks really nice! But I have dry spots and sensitive skin.

Jennifer Huang said...

Oh wow.. damn. It won't be good for me >___< (DAMN MY DRY SKIN). I'm glad this product is rave worthy! I still want to try this so bad though, you make a convincing review :D Ahhh.. I'm guilty as charged. i never wear sunscreen (apart from the minute SPF found in foundation/BB creams.. that doesnt count tho does it?) - Time to shape up & wear sunscreen this summer :)

Joey said...

I'm guilty of not using sunscreen. Like you said, it's Autumn now, so we rarely see the sun, but I do know it's a bad habit.
Thanks for the review. This products seems really good. I might give it a try when I go back.

shinyprettythings said...

oh thanks for this review! always on the hunt for a good sunscreen. i am super anal about sunscreen. my ghostly pale skin wont tan but will get spots :O 

Penelope said...

You always do such great reviews! This sunscreen sounds really good. I've been hunting around lately for a great sunscreen eventhough the sun hardly comes out here!

Blair said...

Hi, thank you for visiting my blog. Let me know what you think if you do try this sunscreen out! ^^

Makeup Morsels said...

Yay for wearing sunscreen all year round!  I would probably need something a little more moisturizing right now, but this seems like it would be great for a summer sunscreen :)