Wednesday, November 16, 2011

O'slee Slim Face Medi Deep Clean Mask

Most of you are probably familiar with deep cleansing masks but do you know that O'slee has one that also slims your face?

Name: O'slee Slim Face Medi Deep Clean Mask 深層清潔瘦面泥
Price: RM 79.88 for 70 ml
Made in: Hong Kong

How to use:

It feels good upon application, really cool and tingly. It is very creamy and dries down fairly quickly without cracking (and making a big mess) unless you move your facial muscles.

I will address the two functions separately:
1) Deep cleansing
It controls the oilies very well. My T-zone only showed a slight hint of dewiness after 5 hours without using any sebum regulating products which is a marvel in itself.

Prolonged use will deep cleanse your pores, draw out impurities, bring a spot to a head and then you can use whatever weapons in your arsenal to remove them eg pore strips and pimple stickers.

After the pore strip step or in my case, pore pack, I will slap on a moisturising sheet mask. It does not dry out my skin nor make it feel tight but I would prefer to replenish my skin after all that deep cleansing.

2) Face slimming
I did not see any difference in the size of my face nor the firmness of my skin. I am using skincare products that do a fantastic job in keeping my face nice and firm so I can't vouch for this mask's effect. Perhaps it does help a little... after all, every bit counts.

It is very thoughtful of O'slee to include a sponge in the box. The sponge feels very soft and I would like to say it makes removing the mask a breeze but that would be a lie haha. It takes a lot of patience to rinse the mask off completely, but that is the norm with deep cleansing masks.

My face feels really soft and smooth to the touch and it looks brighter too after a session with this mask. I use it every three days but I only go the whole way (pore pack + moisturising mask) once a week. After using it continuously for a month, I noticed that I draw lesser gunk with my pore pack and my nose does not look as congested as it did previously which is a huge improvement.

Be a little more cautious if you have dry skin, it might be too strong and you may want to use moisturising masks after every session. Products that do not cause me any problems can be too drying for you.

O'slee products can be purchased from or at selected Guardians nationwide.

The full ingredient list for Slim Face Medi Deep Clean Mask:

Disclosure: Press sample.


Katherine Tealeaf said...

Seems like a really good mask if you have oily skin, I think like you mentioned this would dry me out too fast, but the promise of deep cleaning is tempting.

Rick said...

Pimple stickers?  Oh well!  You and Georgina had a similar experience, trying something you didn't need (in your case, face slimming) and not being able to tell if it really works or not.  You need to bring in test subjects for stuff like that.

Jennifer Huang said...

Before this post, I had never heard of pimple stickers.. amazing XD Ahh, glad this worked to cleanse your pores ^___^ at least 1/2 things they claim work right? :D

Amy Dang said...

oh wow! sounds like a pretty good mask :) i love deep cleansing clay masks <3

shinyprettythings said...

sounds magical!!! i wonder if it'll slim my face hehe. what skincare stuff are u using that keeps your skin so firm?

saccharine0158 said...

i've never tried this brand before but i've got a fat face. LOL! maybe i should give this a try to... :P

LaPetiteIchigo said...

wow..this looks like miracle...and also slim effect :) really nice and cool :)

Nani said...

Woah so many ingredients!
I did a SexyMask the other day.. or whatever it's called. Idiotically I forgot to wash it off after applying and massaging the left-overs into my skin.-__-" I know.. 바보예요.

♔cominica♔ said...

wow, this look great! I wonder where I can find this here >.<

Blair said...

Naruko! Am already at the stage where I am planning on repurchasing haha xD

Penelope said...

This looks really promising!! Sounds like it does a great job decongesting.
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It looks like a lot of steps, but after you've made the first one, the rest are pretty straightforward to make! (And only takes about 0.5 - 1 hour to make).

q0q0 said...

Hun this product looks awesome <3

Worshipblues said...

I am so curious about this now as I trust your mask reviews like no other x