Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Eyelash ♥

I love DUP Eyelashes Fixer EX552 to bits and I have gone through two tubes at the time of writing. It only contain a measly 5 ml, not nearly enough for a lashes fan(atic). Furthermore, it is not sold here and whilst I can get it via e-tailers, the ridiculous markups always puts me off.

Name: Zixianna Eye Putti White
Price: US$ 5.79 for 12 ml
Made in: Japan

Eye Putti is so much more affordable and has double the amount but sadly it is not anywhere near as good as the DUP adhesive. It does not dry completely clear and it does not hold the lashes well as both ends of the lashband will fly up after 4-5 hours.

This means that I will be searching for an alternative. Anyone liking Shu Uemura's Eyelash Adhesive?

My sponsor kkcenterhk.com also sent me a box of false lashes. The boxes amount of Princess Lee (公主李) lashes in my drawer are slowly dwindling so I was really thrilled with a replacement of sorts.

Name: ES A856 upper lashes
Price: US$ 17.03 for 10 pairs
Made in: Korea

I chose the A856 style from the ES brand because it bore some serious resemblance to the famous Princess Lee lashes. On the left I have ES A856 whereas the right is Princess Lee cross 6 black.

They are very much longer and the curvature is not as pronounced as the original but those are the only differences. They retain their original shape very well which means that they can be reused as many times as you wish (remember to remove any glue residue and to sanitize afterwards) and they don't shed.

Needless to say I highly recommend ES A856 lashes. Did I mention that it is cheaper than Princess Lee lashes? No? Well, there you have it (^ ω ~)

You can find the products mentioned in this review at kkcenterhk.com. Use the code BLGA210BI10 if you do purchase something, you will get 10% off your order.

Have a great Tuesday all! I am off to catch up on zzz...

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Nani said...

I'm so sick of kkcenterhk that I won't be buying from them for a while. I need a break from that site >_>"
I love the lashes on you though! ^__^ they're gorgeous!

saccharine0158 said...

i need a good eyelash glue too! haha! :)

the lashes look very pretty on your eyes too hun. ;)

chiihime said...

I heard a lot about this online shop, maybe someday I'll try something from there?
Your make up is perfect as always! These lenses look so nice on you!

Katherine Tealeaf said...

They're beautiful lashes! So natural looking.
I've heard good things about duo and ardell lash glue, but they don't have that handy brush applicator. :]

Rick said...

Someone commented recently about having trouble with eyelash adhesive...it made me think of a scene from an old movie.  A girl was having trouble with her lashes sticking together and men thought she was winking at them.  It lead to all sorts of trouble.

Be careful!!! =)

Jennifer Huang said...

Oh~ tbh, i sometimes think KKcenterHK isn't worth what they charge when you can get cheaper alternatives off eBay (though I do admit they have a large selection of lashes - ones that arent the super cheap plastic China made ones) but i love the ones you've chosen ^___^

shinyprettythings said...

love these lashes!!!! so natural. I def need to check out the DUP lash glue. i hate the Duo one. it sucks lol

chiihime said...

Everytime I see your eye make up picture I got amazed! hahaha
I don't use a shopping service for ordering items from yumetenbo, they send me the items directly! It reaches my country in about 3 or 4 days, but takes about 1 or 2 months to arrive because of big bureaucracy. Did you already purchase from yumetenbo?
I love these snacks too, but take care of yourself! Because of their high level of sodium, dont forget drinking a lot of water! ><

Blovetbeauty said...

lashes look great on u blair!

Penelope said...

Such pretty lashes, and thanks for the review on the eyelash fixer! You have such pretty eyes.

Thanks for the comment on my scarf! It took me around 2 weeks to make x

Joey said...

Those lashes look really pretty. I never have any luck with falsies. Can never find any that look good on me. I feel I always end up looking a bit dragqueen-ish. Bah!

bangbangsheshoots said...

pretty fluttery lashes! the japanese adhesive glue seems to work the best, although I haven't tried that many myself, the koji one has been easy to use!

Nlngstar said...

the lashes are gorgeous,  do you know where to buy from lowyat net?

chiihime said...

Blair, can I ask you a favor? I wrote at my blog I have a lot of BB Creams and Base make up doubts, maybe you can help me? Have you ever tried Rosette Hello Kitty Gommage Apple? Thank you so much! http://cutefashiongirls.blogspot.com/2011/11/my-make-up-and-choosing-some-make-up.html

mayaari said...

the lashes look nice! that lash glue looks similar to revlon's lash glue (comes with an applicator brush) - having the brush really does help me with the application, and I haven't had any problems with staying power either. 

Blair said...

I have no idea... I don't even remember my LYN password! You can purchase it from www.kkcenterhk.com?

chiihime said...

Thank you so much for your useful hints, Blair!
I gave up buying Apple Gommage, I'm going to try a foam version of this, because I can't resist hello kitty! hahaha Anyway, I'm going to search about St Ives exfoliators..I want this soft result in my skin too, I don't care if it's too harsh~
I fear BB Creams because they may make skin too light. You just effort this. Maybe I really should buy a foundation so?

Thanks maybe next time I should try testing oil resistance of products^^

Makeup Morsels said...

hahah love your smiley face at the end!  The lashes look pretty on you, I like how they flare out at the end.

As far as lash glues go, my favorite is still Duo lash glue.  It's affordable, and it's the only one I've tried that doesn't irritate my eyes.