Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sonia Rykiel Beaute: Sensual Captivating Enchantress

Sonia Rykiel Beauté released an attractive fall 2011 collection, named Sensual, but I couldn't justify a purchase after rummaging my stash - I realized that I have similar colours *hoarder* Since I had to skip the collection, I decided to feature the bits and bobs that I could bear to use from past collections. I can't believe that I did not blog about them earlier!


Collection Été 2010: Captivating


Ombre D’Été

Name: Sonia Rykiel ソニア リキエル Ombre D’Été オンブル デテ 01
Price: ¥ 2,500 for 2.5 g
@cosme rating: 4.8
Release date: 1.5.2010

I chose 01 after scrutinizing the visual and stalking Japanese blogs with details on this collection for days. Since it's my first eyeshadow single, I wanted a colour that I can actually use for any occasion, anytime of the day. The pop of ivory is actually an overspray, and was gone after a swipe to reveal the peach gold colour all over *hears my heart breaking*

Gloss D’Été

Name: Sonia Rykiel ソニア リキエル Gloss D’Été グロス デテ 03
Price: ¥ 2,500 for 7.0 g
@cosme rating: 5.0
Release date: 1.5.2010

03 is a medium pink with a ton of blue sparkles. It isn't totally sheer and shows up a little on my pigmented lips. I really enjoy using the gloss - it has a pleasant rosy scent, the blue sparkles are very pretty plus the gloss feels moisturising on.

Collection Automne 2010: Enchantress


Mono Eyeshadow

Name: Sonia Rykiel ソニア リキエル Mono Eyeshadow モノ アイシャドウ 37
Price: ¥ 2,500 for 2.2 g
@cosme rating: 4.7
Release date: 1.8.2010

37, a part of the permanent line, is a lilac purple with blue sparkles. Sonia Rykiel's shadows are buttery smooth and they pack a punch colour payoff wise. I do feel the sting when it comes to paying (US$ 34 for an eyeshadow single!) but the good quality lightens the blow to my wallet a tad.

Ombre Légère

Name: Sonia Rykiel ソニア リキエル Ombre Légère ムース アイシャドウ 04
Price: ¥ 2,500 for 4.0 g
@cosme rating: 4.6
Release date: 1.8.2010

04 is a deep amethyst - the swatch is the most accurate representation. For some reason I couldn't capture how the colour really looks like in the first picture. It is so pigmented that only a little is needed. It doesn't crease or fade and this is without an eyelid primer underneath. I've never encountered another cream shadow that performs so wonderfully!

These are the items that I have yet to use...

It will take me a long while to dig in! The eyeshadows look so perfect and pristine with all the hetchmarks intact.

How quickly do you use new products? Do you keep them aside and occasionally take them out to admire them in their mint condition (like I do) or do you put them to use right away?


Penelope said...

I've not tried Sonia Rykiel products before, but these sure look really pretty! Thanks for sharing! I really like the look of the mono shadows.

Nani said...

omg the Ombre Detre (?) is gorgeous! D:

Jian said...

Oooh pretty pretty makeup! I can't stop myself from using something as soon as I've bought it. I just use things in a strange manner, like I always swipe from outwards to inwards when I want product from pans (using a brush) otherwse there's just a massive dent in the centre! I try to preserve the product the same level all the way usually doesn't work, but hey I try!

It's a real shame that the pretty gold mono has an overspray of the ivory colour :( would have been great to have two usable colours!

Katherine Tealeaf said...

I love the gold eyeshadow. Disappointing that the beige colour was just an overspray, it's such a beautiful colour that you could use everyday. As for me, I tend to use them right away, I'm like an excited child when it comes to new makeup. xD

littlewing said...

Ah, I love SR pot glosses too! ♥ It's such a pity that the pattern is only an overspray.

I'm muchly envious of your gorgeous SR collection, but you have to go use the eyeshadows and report back so us plebeians can drool from afar. ;P

Rick said...

A smart single guy would try to charm you by saying the title describes you--try to not give them such openings. =)

Jamillacamel said...

It looks gorgeous! I have never purchased anything by Sonia R. - thanks for the review!

chiihime said...

This gloss with blue sparkles look very interesting! I'm looking foward very moisturizing gloss, i bought some for trying, i am waiting it to arrive! How does this gloss looks on mouth? Please show us how it looks on you! *-*

shinyprettythings said...

the palettes you own are gorgeoussss! no wonder you haven't used them yet XD the Ombre Legere is really beautiful, so pigmented. love to see u use it in an eotd! 

oh i usually cannot wait, i use it the nxt day LOL but now...if i am too lazy to take pix of the products right away, i'll be forced to wait to use them until i get a chance to take the pix hahaha i can't bear to take pix of products i've already used, im crazy!

Jennifer huang said...

Never heard about Sonia Rykiel products (so behind the times right?) - but all those shadows look so pretty <33 great choices!!

q0q0 said...

I get to know Sonia Rykiel like more than 10years ago! 

Thanks Hun now you let me know SR has such beautiful products =D~

They look really pretty~~ I still got a super old SR bag ><~

MischiefMack said...

ouch that sure is expensive. But if they are good and gorgeous, they are tempting .... :)
♥I'd love it if you'd visit my blog sometime♥

Su ki said...

I didn't know Sonia Rykiel had a beauty line (that's how behind I am on things >.<;;;). I do love the blue glitter particles on that gloss though!

saccharine0158 said...

soooo pweettyyyy!!! O.o

i also want an Ombre D'Ete!

I usually use the products I buy because I want to try them out haha! :D