Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Skin Shop Magic Science Review: Mineral Pact, Gel Eyeliner, Volume & Curling Mascara

Annyeonghaseyo everybody, I have a new Korean beauty brand to introduce to you today: The Skĭn Shop! They are relatively new, being established in December 2007. The range on their site is rather extensive but I would say they specialise in BB creams.

Albeit new to the scene, The Skĭn Shop was chosen to be one of the sponsors for the 48th Daejong Film Festival (held on October 17th), the oldest film award ceremony in Korea. As the most prestigious industry award program in Korea, it is attended by celebrities that we all know and love ranging from renowned actor Won Bin to the idol group Girls' Generation.

The Skĭn Shop frequently holds events and giveaways, and I was lucky enough to win one. Shortly after the winners were announced, a parcel with newly launched products from the Magic Science range reached my doorstep.

Mineral Pact

Name: The Skĭn Shop Magic Science 매직사이언스 Mineral Pact 미네랄 팩트 SPF25 PA++ 21 Light Beige 라이트 베이지
Price: ₩ 23,000 for 16 g
Made in: Korea
Release: August 2011

I am starting off with my favourite product 

We all know what retouching can do to a photo. This compact powder does the same as the smudge tool on Photoshop (feel free to correct me, I am not an expert in Photoshop). It softens and smoothens the appearance of pores, lines and any other imperfections.

These powder pacts are not powder foundations as they do not offer as much coverage. They are more for setting or touching up purposes and in this case, they also protect the skin from UV rays.

Mineral Pact comes in a snazzy neon pink packaging. The cover has a print of The Skĭn Shop logo and motto. Inside is a flip-top compartment for a flecked sponge that opens to reveal the actual product nestled at the bottom. There isn't a heft to the compact, it very light although it is certainly solid enough.

The powder is silky smooth, light and sits comfortably on my skin. The coverage is pretty sheer - it helps my skin to look more even-toned but it is not enough to conceal hyperpigmentation. I would not suggest layering it, the finish is matte and you will probably end up looking flatter than a pancake.

They have two shades available: 21 Light Beige 라이트 베이지 and 23 Natural Beige 내추럴 베이지.

I don't know about 23 Natural Beige, but 21 Light Beige is light beige in colour as the name suggests. I noticed that it leans towards the pink ochre spectrum once on, and that makes it look a tad unnatural - the undertones on my face and neck don't match. But other than that, I have no complaints about this powder pact.

Gel Eyeliner

Name: The Skĭn Shop Magic Science 매직사이언스 Gel Eyeliner 젤아이라이너
Price: ₩ 12,000 for 5 g
Made in: Korea
Release: August 2011

Gel Eyeliner comes in a plastic pot with a screw-on lid that houses a small, dome shaped flat bristled brush.

It is wonderfully creamy and pigmented, dipping my brush once into the pot is sufficient for a perfect line. There wasn't any need for me to go back and darken, the colour intensity is the best I have ever seen. Mind you, I have not used many gel eyeliners, but even I can tell apart a rotten apple for e.g. the horrible Visee Cream Eyeliner WP and Esprique Precious Matte Lasting Cream Eyeliner (coincidentally both brands are under the Kose umbrella).

It is currently available in a single shade: black.

It does not dry instantly since it is so creamy and all. I would suggest waiting for a few minutes before sticking on false lashes or sweeping mascara to avoid any transfer.

Even though it is long wearing, it still smudged a little on me especially on the outer corners. Not many eyeliners stay put on my lids especially in this weather, and when I find something that does not budge, you can be sure that I would repurchase it over and over again. Sadly, this gel liner does not quite cut it.

Volume & Curling Mascara

Name: The Skĭn Shop Magic Science 매직사이언스 Volume & Curling Mascara 볼륨&컬링 마스카라
Price: ₩ 15,000 for 7 ml
Made in: Korea
Release: August 2011

Like all Magic Science products, it comes in a neon pink attire. Although the wand is not unique, it gets the job done - it is so easy to reach every lash without getting mascara all over my eyelids.

The formula seemed to be up to par for the first application, albeit a little disappointing, because my curled lashes began to droop after the mascara had been applied. There was not much lengthening, and it only gave my lashes a little volume and thickness.

The second coat was when everything went downhill. I had to deal with scary sticky massive clumps. And to stick another nail into the coffin, it began to smudge before I was out of the door. While it works for weepy films, it won't stand a chance against oil.

The good news is, one coat should be just fine but it is just too natural for me. Natural just does not cut it for me anymore now that I have discovered the wonders of wearing false lashes haha~

One thing to keep in mind is beauty products won't be completely alike on everyone due to differing skin types and other variables (e.g. humidity of the region you are at) and while Magic Science Gel Eyeliner and Magic Science Volume & Curling Mascara do not work for me, you on the other hand might just love them. Let me know what you think if you do give them a try!

I hope you enjoyed reading my review and please do check out The Skĭn Shop's site for more information on this brand:

✤ Website: www.the-skinshop.com

(Source: Promotional images are from the-skinshop.com/)

Disclosure: Gift.


Chelcie Morris said...

Wow! That gel eyeliner is BLACK, it almost looks photoshopped. I want one. :D I wonder if they do shipping to the UK?

Katherine Tealeaf said...

The powder pact seems lovely, shame the mascara was dissapointing. I find the name a little funny though, "magic science", the nerd in me cringes a little. xD

chiihime said...

OMG your make up collection should be huge!
I really wanna try gel eyeliner!  Though I'm worried about, how you said, some are not well pigmented and about smudge, The maybelline liquid eyeliner I use is very pigmented and really hard to smudge!
Thanks for sharing!

Kat said...

Aaahhhh, too bad that the last two products didn't work out for you. Mascaras are my nemesis as I have yet to find that HG mascara.

shinyprettythings said...

WON BIN!!!! ♥_♥ LOL sorry, had to get that outta my system hehe

the gel liner has the same packaging as the Tony Moly one! ahhh your liner skills are so good. alllll gel liners smudge on me. i have yet to find a magic one that wont. liquid liner is my bff XD

saccharine0158 said...

i need the mineral pact and the eyeliner! :P i wish i had your eyelining skills hun! that's a perfect line right there! :)

Jennifer huang said...

Your eyeliner skills look so perfect.. :O Do you have a tutorial on doing your eyeliner... ;)) *hint hint* LOL. the packaging all looks super cute <3 Sucks to hear the mascara was a mega let down >___<;;

Blovetbeauty said...

the eyeliner looks really good! so black and dense!

Blair said...

Hi Chelcie, please contact cooljunmo75@naver.com if you would like to make a purchase. 

Some product info in English: http://www.the-skinshop.com/front/php/newpage.php?code=4 

Hope this helps =D

SashAnais said...

lol yeah Holika and Ala.C are so greedy!!! Ala.C gave me NOTHING!! It's weird because it seems to be a new brand and giving gifts and samples is a great way to gain and keep customers. 
Oh and what a shame about the snail cream!  :( That's not very correct from the brand. In France these kind of things happen too! A lot of French bloggers are complaining about the harsh behavior of some companies.The Snail cream from It's Skin is very good! But it has only 21% of snail mucus. Some peaople told me that cheaper snail creams with a higher % of snail mucus are better. So maybe try some cheaper cream before the It's Skin's.
And for The Skin Shop, the pact looks niiice!! Too bad it's too light for my skin tone. 
Ahhh another brand to discover!!! I already noticed their  Recovery cream *want*
Are they on GMarket? I think I saw them...hmmm

Julie Lan said...

blair!! I have missed your blogg just read and kept up to date! haha. I like that gel eyeliner it looks crisp and so black!

Penelope said...

Such great looking products. The eyeliner looks really good on you! Ohh the mineral pact looks and sounds so good!

Rinny said...

Thanks for the great reviews! The mineral pact looks really good and the liner looks very pigmented. I love how sharp and bold the black color appears on your lids.

Blair said...

Hi Anais! I tried searching for them on Gmarket but I wasn't successful. I then made an inquiry and they said that they aren't there. At the time of writing, the only way for us, international customers, to purchase is to make an order via e-mail cooljunmo75@naver.com