Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cute And Cheap Clothes From Wholesale Dress

I was on Facebook slaving over Cafe Life when I saw an advertisement for I clicked on it and viola!

I was surprised to see it arriving in a baggie.. something must have happened to it during transit *grrr*

Shipping charges depends on the weight of your items, destination as well as the delivery service that you choose. And yes, it does accumulate quickly but my shipping charges are pretty bearable as I usually keep my purchases small. Getting taxed once is more than enough, I have no desire to repeat this experience.

It took them four days to prepare my package. It came with a tracking number and it only took three days to reach me. They have a number of shipping options to choose from, this page has the full list.

For reference, I am a UK 6 in clothing sizes.

Elasticity Macrame Wide Belt Waistband Beige

Stock photo.

Actual item.

Item number: BY11052134-1
Price: US$ 2.16
Weight: 100 g

Made my order solely because this beige belt. I hankered after it ever since I saw a Chinese model, Ayuki, wearing a brown version sometime last year. Since it's a nice light shade, I feel that it is more versatile and can match with almost every colour.

I love the design and the velvety material; it's exactly what I imagined it to look like. The measurements are up to par and it's stretchable, so one size can fit almost everyone.

Overall rating: ★★★★★★☆

New Style Elastic Flowers Chiffon Dress Pink

Stock photo.

Actual item.

Item number: TQ11042501-2
Price: US$ 6.49
Weight: 400 g

The measurements have a marginal deviation from what mentioned in the site, but is well within an acceptable range. This dress is made from a nice weighty chiffon material. The style is exactly the same as the stock photos.

The colour of the bottom half is a tad different; the stock photo looks like a pale yellow whereas the actual skirt itself is more of a cream. The disparity in colour doesn't bother me as I actually prefer the colour of the actual skirt. It might be me being too nit-picky, but a longer inner lining would be nice.

Overall rating: ★★★★★☆☆

Lovely Bowknot Decorate Two-piece Suit Pink

Stock photo.

Actual item.

Item number: LH11052508
Price: US$ 6.49
Weight: 550 g

The measurements for this item is slightly smaller than the site's by a cm, nothing unusual about this since they made a note that it might differ slightly. The style and colour conformed to the stock photos.

This dress/ long top is constructed from a water resistant fabric, and it doesn't need to be ironed. The bow wasn't attached properly to the dress, it was flopping around when it arrived but nothing a quick run with my needles and thread couldn't fix. The separate outer piece is fashioned from a thin cotton material. I can use it with other clothes in my wardrobe; it's definitely a nice piece to have around.

Overall rating: ★★★★★☆☆

Hope you will have a fun weekend and happy browsing!

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ka vang said...

Thanks for sharing... the dresses you picked out are cute

Allison How said...

you are so skinnnyyy!!!! OH MY GAWD!!!!!! Speaking bout taxes,my brother sent a bunch of stuff from the states and it was taxed around 200-400 bucks. So not worth it,that was the last package that i'll ever get and will ever ask for. btw you look lovely in the dress,love the belt!!!!

sachiee said...

I love wholesale dress! Made an order about two weeks ago, I love their items and the shipping isn't too bad either! Too bad there's a postal strike here in Canada meaning it'll probably take a while before I can get my items ):

Anna said...

OK, no, this, I can't take it anymore. You don't photoshop at all and you're as beautiful as fresh dew drops in the morning and now you have a model-like figure and resemble the beauty of all Asians existing. I HATE CHA T_________________T

saccharine0158 said...

you also have amazing taste in clothes dear! <3

MizzJ said...

Cute dresses! You look sooo slim in your outfit photos!

shinyprettythings said...

ooohhh great purchases hon!! I love that belt! And that tie-dyed maxi is sooo pretty!!! i'm sure it would've looked great on you ^_^

Rick said...

You made some nice selections--and you make them look great.

Makeup Morsels said...

ohh I like the items you picked out, especially that belt!  And the prices are so good...I may have to take a look at this site.  LOL really don't need any new clothes, but I'm so tempted.

chiihime said...

Thank you so much Blair!
I was wearing my new coat from Yumetenbo~ soon I'll post a good photo ^_^

OMG This flower dress is just AMAZING and really fits you!!!!!
Cant wait to see your new purchase!!
I got really anxious!

Thank you lovely♥♥♥!!!

★ Cookiie said...

Oh my god, this makes me want to order from them again. >_< I stopped ordering from them a while ago since the items I picked differed so much from their stock photos. It's a hit and miss thing with them, but the new clothes they have look goood. ♥ Thanks for the review!

Allison How said...

hey blair :) haha no worries don't have to apologize and its totally up to you to follow or not. so please don't say sorry lol i feel like a meanie. on the diy tricks and stuff,im trying to convert a bell bottom jeans into a skinny jeans,but that takes a lot of time because it requires sewing T.T

q0q0 said...

Love the Pink <3 You really look like a model hehe~

wifluvelle said...

omg envious of ya size, coz i can neva fit into these nice clothes sold in fb argh h8 my jelly arms

cominica ai said...

so many cute clothes!!! >_<
I want buy new dresses too~

JessyT said...

i luv  the belt~~~it is very cute~~~~ive heard of the website b4, but right now i cant order anything online because the canada postal office strike and lock-out situation =(