Friday, June 24, 2011

[mukuCHU] EOS G-320 Violet

I'm bringing you another lenses review, kindly sponsored by I immediately jumped all over it when I saw the colour - violet! I wanted to have violet eyes ever since I was a little tyke, so I was really excited to try it out and show you guys how it looks on me.

Name: EOS G-320 Violet
Price: US$ 24 for 1 pair
Base curve: 8.6 mm
Diameter: 14.5 mm
Water content: 38%
Prescription: 0.00 to -10.00
Life span: 1 year disposal

Design and colour ★★☆☆☆☆☆
The outer limbal ring is very faint and thin, which is the reason G-320 appears less anime-like but at the same time, it looks very natural if you choose a colour that's fairly close to your original irides.

Once popped in, the lavender changes into an indigo... I wasn't expecting this, a shame that my dark irides turn everything topsy turvy.

Enlargement ★★☆☆☆☆☆
As usual, I got the 14.5 mm size. It gives me an adequate enlargement, however, it isn't as enlarging as the other 14.5 mm lenses that I own due to the faint outer limbal ring. You may opt for the 15 mm version - WM-320 - if you feel the effect that 14.5 mm gives is too toned down.

Comfort ★★★★☆☆☆
It takes a little while for them to adjust everytime I pop them in. Once they align, I didn't notice any discomfort from wearing them even for pronounced periods. I do carry eyedrops with me though and I use it every now and then.


♥ Castledew Watershot Base #3
♥ Stage Cosmetics Photo Pro Foundation 02 Take 1

♥ Lunasol Scent Form Eyes 03 Black Tea
♥ Beauty Rush Wet/Dry Shadow Smokin’
♥ Kate Super Sharp Liner BK-1
♥ DJ 采粧 7 upper lashes
♥ Ballerina VM426 lower lashes

If you want Japanese lenses but balk at the price, EOS G-320 series would be the perfect alternative - it is the equivalent to Candy Magic's Gossip line (promo image shown below)! I have yet to see the EOS G-320 series anywhere except for, so head on over if you find it to your liking.


Disclosure: Press samples.


JessyT said...

i have the same problem with my purple lense, when i put them in...they tend to be dark, and if i use flash photography they just looks blue.....

Sara Mari said...

Oh the enlargement is pretty nice for a "natural" style lense, and the color is lovely^^/

a chan said...

these lens look like they enlarge a lot! :} i wish i could get over being scared of having things put into my eye. i'd love to try circle lens

Rinny said...

 The lenses are really pretty on you! They don't look too out of place considering they're violet :)

Leni Cominica said...

the lens is makes ur eyes look bigger! Love ittt ^O^

Makeup Morsels said...

LOL I love that you used the phrase "little tyke"  I think the lenses look quite nice on you even though the color changes.  btw the upper lashes you're wearing in this post look great!

bangbangsheshoots said...

wow the purple is strangely subtle looking but looks great on you! :) aww you should hide your face!

Milida Diaz said...

Those contacts look amazing on you! You have such a pretty face, do you wear contacts often? I have never been able to wear contacts and be comfortable. :\ 

Suchada/Sushi Plasai said...

it's such a big color change from case to eye! wow! still looks good on you hun!

lisanero said...

Love them Blair! they really enhance the bluish tones making eyes pop!

lisanero said...

They enhance your eyes, the blueish tones really stand out and make your eyes pop!

q0q0 said...

Nice Babe, Looks natural and the enlargement effect is amazing too. :D

Anna said...

Yeah, you definitely need to get PROPER violet lenses, like, I just looked at the lenses and could clearly cognize that these aren't opaque, you can clearly tell that from promotional pictures. Well, I still recommend you to try out EOS J203 Adult, the new Adult line, they'll definitely cover your brown.

Coco Lee said...

oh wow...
these lens really make your eyes 'pop' !
really pretty <3

- Coco

LaPetiteIchigo said...

lenses looks so awesome, it's pitty they little change their color on eye but i think they are still pretty cool :)

wish you nice day :)

Blair said...

Hi Milida,

I couldn't find your blog when I googled, but I did come across this YT channel. Is it yours by any chance?

Thanks for the compliment! I only wear lenses during the weekend and when I have some extra time to pop them in or else I'd forgo them. They don't feel that drying to me.

shinyprettythings said...

oooo purple! my fav color hehehe i like how it turned indigo on you though. your eyes are so pretty! *jealous* LOL

Rainy Days & Lattes said...

LOVEEE those lenses on you!!!!!! I think it's so pretty!

Rick said...

The lenses look very cute in the last picture

Su ki said...

I actually like how they darken on your eyes - the indigo colour is really beautiful and unique!!!

wifluvelle said...

how come sometimes purple/violet lenses look like blue? looks gr8 on ya!

Avy Lazy said...

this lens so nice mahh ~ really love it . i think , I want buy 1pair for me . theeehe