Friday, October 29, 2010

Canmake Cheek Gradation 04 Chocolate Stripe

I tend to slobber over the items recommended by the popular blogger Miss Mona, this girl can sell ice to an Eskimo hahaha!! Despite owning a few of these Cheek Gradation blushes, 04 Chocolate Stripe is the one that makes a frequent appearance on her blog, so this is the colour that I got (^ ω ~)

Name: Canmake キャンメイク Cheek Gradation チークグラデーション 04 Chocolate Stripe
Price: ¥ 800
@cosme rating: 4.1

There are four shades in Canmake's Cheek Gradation blushes to create a sense of depth. The lightest shade is applied on your cheekbones, the medium shades on the apples of your cheeks and the darkest shade to contour (applies to all gradational blushes).

Packaging: Clear plastic compact, a bit on the flimsy side, but it does what it is supposed to do so never mind. It also comes with a brush.

Colour: Dark chocolate brown, russet, pale pink and ivory (from top).

Natural light

Muted flash


Natural light

Muted flash

Texture: They are soft, crumbly and super shimmery, bordering frosty. The darker shades are fairly pigmented whereas the lighter ones have light-medium colour payoff.

I achieved my first look by swiping the pink and russet on, and then frantically buffing it away with a kabuki, as the russet looked very dark on me. Since I was rather lazy to redo my base makeup, I then packed a whole load of the pink on.

In case you are wondering, I did not end up looking like a clown, the pink by itself is too light for me to overdo it. I didn't highlight nor contour my cheeks, my cheeks were shimmery enough plus what if the chocolate brown stripe turned out to be another scary shade?!

There's no way that I'm giving up, so for my second attempt in using Chocolate Stripe, I decided to swirl all four colours together like any normal blush. My cheeks turned out rather bronzey, not a look that I was going for, but still tolerable.

I wouldn't recommend this particular colour if you're looking for a blush; it leans toward the bronzer side. If you do not mind shimmer, this range'll be a nice choice - I watched a guru on 我愛美丽 use 01 Pink Stripe on a model, and the effect was rather remarkable!


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