Monday, October 4, 2010

September 2010 Hits & Misses

Did anyone notice that I stopped doing haul posts? I find them pretty pointless, since those entries were about me gushing how great I think the items will be (since I have not used them at that point), PLUS it showed how frivolous I am hahaha!

This entry showcases some of the items that I reach for often these days. Not all of them are newly acquired, some have been with me for a few months (^ ω ^)

Name: Candy Doll キャンディドール Lip Concealer リップコンシーラー
Price: ¥ 1,200
@cosme rating: 3.2
Release date: 24.10.2008

This lip concealer has a sponge tip applicator. It is not drying at all and it is so good at concealing redness!

The picture tutorial below shows the correct way to apply this lip concealer. This method applies to ALL lip concealers, otherwise it will be too thick and gloopy.


Name: Cellnique Paramedical Body Plush Emulsion Wash
Price: RM 59 for 250 ml
Release: October 2010

This shower cream is so luxurious! It is so thick and creamy, smells absolutely refreshing, lathers up wonderfully and makes my skin so moisturized and clean ♥♥♥

I am usually a pharmacy girl shower gel/cream wise, why bother getting something high end when you wash it off 10 seconds later? but I am a convert after using this shower cream. Hello high end!!!

Name: Lunasol ルナソル Geminate Liner ジェミネイトライナー 05 RB
Price: ¥ 2,800 for 2.0 g
@cosme rating: 4.8
Release date: 17.8.2007

05 RB is a gorgeous metallic burgundy. The brush is precise and it makes application a breeze. This is my first ever liquid liner - I usually purchase felt tipped liners as they easier to work with.

This liquid liner does not fade or smudge at all. So far I have not tested it on my lower lash line, but I will soon.. It goes very well with a simple neutral eye or by itself when I am in a rush and is best paired with transparent lashbone lashes ♥♥♥

I need to check out the other colours in the Geminate Liner range!

Name: Rohto Cool 40α ロートクール40α
Price: ¥ 504 for 12 ml

Rohto eye drops come in different levels which vary in intensity from 1 to 7. Cool 40α is a 5, with 7 being the highest! It claims to relieve redness (did not work for me), inflammation and lubricate your eyes.

It provides my eyes with a super refreshing and intense icy cool sensation. At first the tingly sensation was too much, but now I am more than ready to upgrade to level 7 hahaha. I cannot live without Cool 40α!

Name: Sponge Hair Wire
Price: NT$ 100 thereabouts

I bought this contraption after watching Queenie's video (embedded below). It is soooooooo easy and fast to create a perfect odango bun with it ♥♥♥

Thanks for everybody's comment on my Max Factor Japan EOTD!! I will review my favourite lash glue next post (^ ω ^)

Disclosure: Entry contains press sample(s).


Old Cow said...

I have been lusting over that Lunasol liner for sooooooooooo long. Yet, for some dumb reason, I failed to get in when I was in Japan! STOOOOOOPID ME!

Zoe said...

Hey Blair..
I have always wanted that lip concealer but it's always sold out here^^;
Also the Rohto eye drop, looks realy good..
Hw have u been hun?

SashAnais said...

Oh! I need to grow my hair to use that "hair sponge"

And I love lips concealer! I love nude lips anyway! So I'll be lemming for the CandyDoll one I think!

Also Blair, I wanted to know, how do you tag your pictures? I love the hearts there!^^

Nic Nic said...

nice haul! everyone seems to have candy doll lip concealer.. i have succumbed yet! yay! I have another version rohto eye drops called Z!, its marketed for the guys cos all the ladies like Lycee but I think it works really well @_@ lol.

siwing said...

ooh that sponge thing is such a good find !! ^_^ lol i watched the video and it makes such cute buns !!

Jess said...

You just tempted me to get my hands on the Candy Doll lip concealer, since I have quite pigmented lips.

Again, I love love love how you place the products for the pictures! And like your new watermark logo too! ;)

SashAnais said...

Blair, I would love to but Sasa is SO EMPTY these days...A lot of products are missing. I don't know what's going on. And some girls on the message board are saying that the client service is aweful, because they never reply. Sasa is going down so badly!
So that was a ranting post lol^^

And thanks for the tip about the watermark. This is actually simple! Thank you very much! ;D

LOLanne said...

omg those sponge hair wires are sooooooooooo cute!! whered you get them? bahhh youve added to my "items i need to buy" list lol


Cinnabunnie said...

oooh the products look great! i wanna try the liner and the concealer :) its really annoying that the rhoto eye drops are SUPER expensive in canada lol

MEOW said...

thanks for sharing all the goodies u got :)
can I ask where u got the hair sponge wire?

MizzJ said...

hehe I agree, I rarely read shopping hauls since it's usually like "ok... now I want to see an outfit post!"

coffretgorge said...

Halo sweet Blair! :) where did u get that spongey thing for your hair? I want one too!!! :P I watched quirky queenie's vid and i cant believe its so easy! hahaha

re:the lip concealer, do you still apply lip balm/moisturizer prior to concealing? i've been wanting to try the candy doll lip concealer, thank you for the tip! :)

Fruity Lashes said...

so many nice items. i'm curious about the candy doll lip concealer for a while. it seems a little watery? love the lunasol liner. so pretty. and thanks for the hair wire video. now i know how to use my kai hair pin

wuguimei said...

I've been wanting to try Candy Doll products for a while now, haha.

mint said...

=o nice! the candy doll lip concealer looks very brown on the swatch. Does it look nice on the lips?

C. said...

I think that reviews are more interesting/useful than hauls, so I'm pretty happy that you've decided to stick with reviews :p

Vonvon said...

I am so lazy that I am always on the lookout for body wash that REALLY moisturizes...tried so many and the results are just OK, quite OK at the most.

The Cellnique Body Wash sounds promising....gotta go look for it to try out...

Dina Esty Xu said...

I'm trying out the Cellnique body wash too, it's really moisturizing :)
Candydoll lip concealer looks really good!