Sunday, September 19, 2010

Nestle Kit Kats: Yaki Imo, Ichigo, Maple, Custard Pudding

My review on these particular flavours is finally up! I received them 2 months ago *fail* Regrettably most of them anymore have been discontinued, don’t worry though, I’ve seen Nestlé repromoting older flavours, so keep your eyes peeled if you like them!

Yaki Imo/ Roasted Sweet Potato


Name: Nestlé Kit Kat Yaki Imo
Price: ¥ 315
Contents: 12.3 g ×8
Release date: 12.10.2009

This bright yellow bar is flavoured with the perfect amount of fragrant sweet potato in both the white chocolate and the creme between the wafers. This flavour tastes genuinely like the real thing – if you can imagine sweet potato combined with chocolate, this would be it :]

Ichigo/ Strawberry


Name: Nestlé Kit Kat Ichigo
Price: ¥ 525
Contents: 12.3 g ×14
Release date: 7.12.2009

I adore both milk chocolate and strawberries, so I was positive that I will enjoy this Kit Kat. It is indeed nice; it has a strong but artificial strawberry scent and taste to it although it lacked sourness that typical strawberry flavoured confections usually have.



Name: Nestlé Kit Kat Maple
Price: ¥ 525
Contents: 12.3 g ×13
Release date: 25.1.2010

The package indicates that this flavour in honour of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics and it has 1.7% of maple syrup from Quebec. Even with such a minute amount, it does indeed taste like the real thing =] I loove how the maple syrup flavour blends so nicely with the white chocolate bars, yummm!

Custard Pudding


Name: Nestlé Kit Kat Custard Pudding
Price: ¥ 315
Contents: 12.3 g ×9
Release date: 1.3.2010

I took my first foray into the world of Japanese Kit Kats with this particular flavour a year ago. I’m delighted that I get to revisit it!

Crème caramel is known as purin (プリン) or custard pudding in Japan. This flavour tastes exactly like its namesake with a hint of vanilla thrown in. It was a little too sweet however the tastiness more than make up for it!

Thank you for reading and have a fabulous weekend lovelies!!


siwing said...

omg kit kat is love !!!! my friend from japan got me a whole bunch.. green tea is my fav !! i'm still trying to look for it here, in america.. i've been looking in virginia.. went to cali and ny too but no luck at any asian stores =(

mandy said...

They all look and sound yummy!
I'm interested in the maple one the most, but was released especially for the Vancouver Olympics..ahh >__<;;

EveryDay Makeup (becky) said...

OMG I had no clue that kit kat came in so many variety of flavor like OMG!!!!

Gaby said...

They all look yummy... except the sweet potatoe flavoured one maybe, LOL.

Dina (XYYan) said...

OMG, you really know how to make us drool!! I want to try the sweet potato one, sounds so yummy :D

ning * star said...

I'm absolutely love your kitkat reviews... haha xD
my lil bro was eyeing your kitkat posts awhile ago... lol


reene said...

I'm obsessed with Japanese Kit Kats. Out of these, my favorite is the maple one even though it was a bit sweet. My favorite out of all the flavors I've tried so far is bitter almond. :D Thanks for sharing and making me hungry.. lol.

SashAnais said...

Roasted potato Kit Kat? WHAT?!? o_o

Strawberry Kit Kat, omg *want*

And yeah the collagen mist seems to be really awesome. I can't wait to try it. And I love the pink packaging^^

Majiami is new at Sasa online, I was super curious about it. (love the white and blue packaging). The hydrating mist is pretty great to carry around in the handbag.

The cream contains a lot of silicone which is sometimes comedogenic. Too bad... :/ (I'll use it on my neck only I think)

Pixie D said...

Gosh! I love kitkat XDDD!!!
(actually all the snacks LOL)

Yaki Imo one sounds funny but i wanna try maple or custard pudding (L)!

さらまり said...

Between these ones I'm not sure if maple or yaki imo is my favorite! But I think of all the kit kats I've had salt caramel was my favorite^^

Cinnabunnie said...

yay! in so glad you did more review on the kit kats! i wish they were more available in canada lol yum yum! my favourite so far is the framboise (raspberry)

siwing said...

i've been to mitsuwa and they have several flavors, but not green tea kit kat.. i guess it's just limited edition or something.. i'm not sure..

RicAdeMus said...

What great flavors!!! I think the strawberry would be my favorite and I'm most curious about the sweet potato.

The kitkat-themed posts are my second favorite on your blog. =)

C. said...

sweet potato ? That's a bit weird but i'd love to try it :p

RicAdeMus said...

Hey, I think I've seen you without make-up and you're...lovely! =)

♥ Starryxuan said...

I love the custard pudding and maple! both are nice! :)

sssdawna said...

ok, see, those kit kats look way better than the regular US ones : / lol i wanna try them sometime!

tomorrow, you will be tagged...stop by my blog tomorrow to see your questions ; )


amynaree said...

flavored kit kats are the best! i wish there was more avail here :/ i really want to try maple and the pudding one

Fruity Lashes said...

aish so many kit kats. my stomach is calling them =x the yaki imo must taste really good. too bad we don't have many varieties here and they're very expensive too

Karen said...

Hey Blair, I recently found out that there are some yummy-flavored kit kats where I live.. so I hit the supermarkets and was shocked to see them in store :P of course there are limited varieties but it's a good start.. now I know why you love these!

Sakie and Thomas Gantz said...

Great reviews. We live in Japan and haven't even tried all those flavors, but after reading your reviews, will need to try some more of them now. :-)

Tammy said...

Is it really LE??? :( Ohh boooo I wish I got more then! It smells so pretty^^

I got the eco bag in HK at Fa Yuen Street where they have that little market heheh I think I got them for 5HKD! sooo cheap!! I miss HK :*(

Fashion-rocks said...

Oh they look tasty. shame we don't have those ones in the UK.

Vonvon said...

So yummylicious!!! Perhaps it's a good thing that some of them are discontinued or not available in Malaysia...or weight would balloon even more....LOL!

How have you been, Blair dear?

Nic Nic said...

its really strange i havent seen much LE kitkats erecently. I do like their new dark choc version out recently with Meisa Kuroki heading their ads (i think thats her name? lol)

Dina (XYYan) said...

OMG, you really know how to make us drool!! I want to try the sweet potato one, sounds so yummy :D