Friday, July 16, 2010

Kose Addiction And More

I started swapping on a whim after a year's hiatus... it is nice to try new things and at the same time, I get to divest products that I don't reach for from my stash =]

I got my hands on these items recently:

I received a customised trio from Addiction in the shades of Truffle, Arabian Ruby and Heart & Heart.



Truffle is a matte brown.

Name: Addiction アディクション Eye Shadow アイシャドウ 013M Truffle
Price: ¥ 2,000 for 1.2 g
@cosme rating: 5.4
Release date: 15.7.2009

Arabian Ruby is a pearly purple grey brown.

Name: Addiction アディクション Eye Shadow アイシャドウ 029ME Arabian Ruby
Price: ¥ 2,000 for 1.2 g
@cosme rating: 5.4
Release date: 15.7.2009

Both Truffle and Ruby show up very well. I adore the texture of these shadows, pigmented, soft and easy to use.

07 Heart & Heart is a NARS Orgasm look-a-like.

Name: Addiction アディクション Blush ブラッシュ 07 Heart & Heart
Price: ¥ 2,800 for 3.9 g
@cosme rating: 5.4
Release date: 15.7.2009

It has medium pigmentation and fine golden shimmers. I have included a swatch of NARS Orgasm and Super Orgasm (courtesy of a dear friend, thank you!) for those of you who are curious how they'd compare to Heart & Heart:

I wish that I can try other items from Addiction, the high mark-up from e-tailers are very off putting!

I also acquired another blush, and it is RD01 from Ayura. Ayura usually equip their products with classy, elegant packaging.. Sadly I don't have a chance to see the packaging in person as this is only the refill.


Name: Ayura アユーラ Aura Feel Veil オーラフィールヴェール RD01
Price: ¥ 2,200 for 6.5 g
@cosme rating: 5.2
Release date: 23.1.2008

RD01 is a gradational blush with a pale rosy red on the left to a baby pink in the middle and a sparkly white on the right. Aura Feel Veil, Ayura's newest blush, is soft and has sheer-medium colour payoff. It feels a tad chalky though =[

RD01 is very buildable, I can either use it with a light hand for a subtle flush or layer it for greater intensity.

From left: pale rosy red, baby pink, sparkly white

It was a lovely surprise to unearth a Max Factor Japan eyeshadow quad in my package ^^ Judging from its price point, I am assuming that Max Factor is a mid-ranged brand in Japan. It was a bolt from the blue to note that a Max Factor eyeshadow quad is even more expensive than other Japanese mid-ranged brands e.g. MAQuillAGE (¥ 3,990).


Name: Max Factor マックス ファクター Eye Gradation Colors アイグラデーションカラーズ Chic Monotone
Price: ¥ 4,500 for 7.2 g
@cosme rating: 4.3
Release date: 21.1.2009

I have always been partial to grey shadows, and these are particularly beautiful! They are shimmery, silky smooth and have fabulous pigmentation.

Clockwise from bottom left: grey, lilac grey, white, sparkly black

Lastly, something that I have been lemming for a while – Sonia Rykiel lipsticks! The packaging is just divine.. I love stripes


18 is a rosy pink.

Name: Sonia Rykiel ソニア リキエル Lipstick リップスティック AC 18
Price: ¥ 3,300 for 4 g
@cosme rating: 4.9
Release date: 25.8.2006

This shade is unknown as the label has been removed.. it is a coral shade.

Name: Sonia Rykiel ソニア リキエル Lipstick リップスティック AC
Price: ¥ 3,300 for 4 g
@cosme rating: 4.9
Release date: 25.8.2006

I looove these lipsticks, they are so beautiful and the texture is superb! So creamy and such a delight to use. They smell good too, exactly like YSL Rouge Pure lipsticks =]

Sorry for the blue tinged pictures, I forgot to adjust the settings on my camera :[


pladge said...

Hi, Blair-chan.
I really love to read your cosmetics reviews, It always really informative for me.

I want to try the eye shadow NO.029 Arabian ruby. I love to wear brown eyeshadow for myself.

Tammy said...

Oooh so many pretty products! I didn't know that MaxFactor repackaged, I remember it being in Canada in the 90's and it was more a drugstore brand line, but the packaging looks pretty sleek now!
Arabian Ruby is sooo pretty! ...and how do you like Orgasm compared to Super Orgasm blush? I have the first one so I've always wondered about the other one.

Catherine said...

Oh what awesome swap loot! I love the name Heart & Heart for the blush. =)

Vonvon said...

Hi Blair,

The MAX Factor palette is so pretty, and the colors look quite pigmented.

The Addiction eyeshadow shades are very pretty too. Makes me wanna try them out too. :)

naomi said...

So nice!! I've been wanting to try Addiction. It seems like the brand is becoming more and more popular in Japan. The Sonia Rykiel lippies also look so cute. :)

MizzJ said...

The lipsticks look very pretty and natural! I'm surprised that Max Factor is so pricy too as it's pretty cheap here in Canada.

Crystal/Cherry said...

The packaging for the Max Factor eye shadows look really like the Lunasol ones, I wonder if the quality is the same also?^0^

Karen said...

Blair, I think you can create some gorgeous looks with these new products! I can see the similarity between the blush and NARS orgasm, thats exciting (to find a dupe) =D I'm okay with grey shadows too.. but I think a little frost makes them so pretty. Thanks for your comments btw :) making me blush.. oh yeah I tagged you in something!

ilyana said...

I am loving the Sonia Rykiel no 18 lipstick! What a beautiful shade and I can actually tell from your swatch that it's somewhat creamy and moisturising ;D

Dina (XYYan) said...

LOL! me too! I always have space for desserts even though I'm very full :D

ning * star said...

the blush color is very nice and good pigmentation!

Karen said...

aw thanks for doing the tag for me :) your reply did go through yay! hehe I think matcha latte is more on the coffee side.. so funny how you refuse to compromise between some things and respond with "neither"! :D have a great weekend Blair!

Dina (XYYan) said...

Hehe, speaking of Mango and Orchid, they got so big now and even naughtier! :D

Dina (XYYan) said...

Thanks! I'll try when I'm confident enough with my makeup skill :D
Yeah, it's not that pigmented but I love the gradation :)

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and swatching them Blair, the blush is soo pretty!!!! :) I wouldn't mind having the lip sticks too, especially for that packaging hehe :)

shihoco by PLadge said...

Hi, Blair-chan.
Yeah, I do want to update my OOTD(coordinate) but the problem is I don't have any good big mirrors in my house...I have to buy one in soon.

I also love to shop online.
Especially in my hometown, there is no good department stores like in Tokyo.

Jennifer said...

hey Blair!

are you on MUA as well? I used to do swaps over there but stopped for over a year now.

I called the JS counters to ask, i think they're discontinuing 02, 03 and 04. and I've been looking for 04 everywhere :(

do you own any of their mixed blush compacts??

Pop Champagne said...

I think I like that blush a lot!! And the packaging of the lippy is great, love those grey color eyeshadows too, I wish I was better at smokey eye look!

Marguerite N. said...

Oh Heart & Heart is really really amazing! And the lipstick rosy pink seems to be very pretty and moisturizing. It's true?

P.S. Nice to meet you Blair. I'm Marguerite. ;)