Friday, October 9, 2009

Castledew Review: Watershot Base, Watershot Foundation

I am reviewing my Castledew base makeup today~ I loooove the Watershot Base so much!!

Watershot Base

Name: Castledew Watershot Base #3
Price: ₩ 7,790 for 45 ml

I purchased it for ₩ 7,790 from seller 스킨천사 but if you search around Gmarket properly unlike lazy me, you should be able to get it for slightly cheaper. It is packaged in a glass pump bottle with a pretty cap, which I find very sanitary.

Light milky consistency

It brightens my skin and tones down sallowness really well. Spreads and blends easily and it hasn't clogged my pores. It has a powdery floral scent but that doesn't bother me.

The full ingredient for Watershot Base:

Watershot Foundation

Name: Castledew Watershot Foundation #21
Price: ₩ 7,790 for 45 ml

Light consistency

This foundation spreads and blends easily and I like how it doesn't clog my pores. It has a powdery floral scent but I am not bothered by it.

I hate giving a bad review, mostly, I try to stay neutral but I couldn't help myself... I felt that I looked a little mask like at the end of the day, plus this foundation oxidised after a couple of hours. A double NO from me.

In addition, it is a little on the beige side. I would imagine that it is quite hard for darker skinned babes to get a match since it only has three shades, which are #19, #21 and #23.

The full ingredient for Watershot Foundation:

At the moment of this write up, I am the only person who isn't really fond of this foundation. There are quite a number of ladies who love it, so check out their reviews too!


Jess said...

Your eyes look so pretty, Blair! And I don't think that you failed with the cut the crease technique!

I'm admiring how precisely you lined your eyes! :)

Jamilla Camel said...

Great look! That base looks really nice against your skin!

amynaree said...

your fotd is so cute! love the colors and thanks for the review now I really want to try the castledew primer ^__^

Diane said...

I love your FOTD. I don't know what your talking about because I really really like your eye makeup in this picture. The shadow looks so smooth and pretty. A+++++++++

You make me want to buy the castledew primer it is so pretty!

izumi said...

cute look! i think your cut the crease looks really nice :)

Fifi said...

I've never tried the cut crease technique. You did great!! The eye makeup looks so pretty. <3

Vanilla said...

omg u can do that cut crease thing like hollyannaeree !hehehhe
love ur EOTD !
btw do u know how i can join the blogger swap blog?amy also wants !hehehe

Jian said...

The base looks kind of purple in the swatch, but WOW does it make your skin look really glowy and flawless! (Although your skin probably is glowy and flawless anyhow).

Also I really love the eye makeup! Sooooooooo pretty!

Luna said...

Here's the official description of Fresh Blossom on the dkny website
"Inspired by the beauty of the Apple Blossom, this new fragrance is lighthearted, intensely feminine, and radiant. A blend of sparkling grapefruit, cassis and sun-kissed apricot, blended with sheer muguet, petally rose and jasmine."
haha they describe it better than I do.. I find it slightly sweeter than the green one, and a tinge more floral. But not as sweet as the red one, which i find a bit too much..

haha its good to have friends who travel, and know ppl who have friends who travel..

Luna said...

And I clicked publish without letting you know that I love your eye makeup!! still envious over ur liner skills.. hahaha

ps.. what's the cut crease technique? I'm way behind on any kinds of techniques.. lol

Lisa J. said...

Hi Blair!~ Finally you've posted up the tutorial for Gmarket!~ Thanks yeah. And lucky you, you won the surprise giveaway from Amy ^^ You look really pretty in the last pic as well. How much is the Castledew primer?

Dee said...

That cut crease look definitely made your eyes bigger! I love the colors you chose! I can barely see a hint of that blush, maybe its the lighting?

Kalmo said...

Great review Blair! You have gorgeous eyes and you're so beautiful, love the FOTD. :) Congrats on winning Amy's giveaway. You'll love Cargo blushes.

Blovet Beauty said...

can castledew do no wrong? they make such great cosmetics. U look flawless and the ur skin is super perfect! u shld do a tutorial on how ur base - foundation routine... ehehhe Luv tat cut crease!!looks really nice

Tammy said...

Thanks for the well wishes! I am getting better thankfully :)

I love your EOTD! Olive greens are one of my favorite eyeshadow shades ^^=

☆Anastacia☆ said...

Hello Blair! Finally I can visit you again! I am not ignor you, just every time I open you page it shows only left sidebar :(

ThanQ for Castledew primer review, I saw it but didn't got, may be I need to buy it too...

twinsouls888 said...

Hi girl, you got the GORGEOUS BLOGGER award , please check it out on my blog, thanks . ^_^

FriendzCentury said...

Again another pretty FOTD by you. My Bourjois Blush is quite pigmented, but then again it's a different shade, so not sure if that has anything to do with it.

Wendy said...

I also would like to know what the "cut the crease technique" is too!